About the Blog

There are 3 categories:
  1. Day in the Life – snapshot of what’s going on in my life
  2. Science – can be anything, any field; includes a micro-story
  3. Writings – anything here is probably fictional

Since I’m starting out, they’re going to be short reads. They won’t take longer than 5 minutes of your time.

Go on. Click around and explore!

 Update: 3/1/17 Working on shifting the blog around.
 Implementing a freeze on posts for now.  
 Update: Welcome to 2017. 
 Update: Hiatus. Posts will resume January 2017.
 Update: 10/19/16: 20 posts!
 Update: 9/02/16: New tab in menu linking to the Facebook page!
 Update: 8/28/16 Blog has been relaunched with a new name and FB page 
 I've finally decided on: Viscience. 
 New posts once a week, every Wednesday.
 Update: 8/20/16 Day in the Life Posts will be uploaded randomly.

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