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If you’re reading this, it means I haven’t set up a queue to post articles since June. At the time of this writing, I have the Blog.reset post ready. I’ve also written a short piece on Antibiotic Resistance, a quick bit of fiction, and how the Ozone layer is gradually healing.

I still haven’t written Continue reading


The Ozone Layer is Healing

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Yes, you read that correctly.

Thank goodness. This is a feel good story.

In the past, ozone depleting substances (also referred to as ODS) eroded the ozone layer significantly. They weren’t as much of a problem closer to the ground as they weren’t toxic but stable. However, the stable molecules of the substances would rise up to the stratosphere. The problem was at the stratosphere, where the structures became more susceptible to the ultraviolet (U.V) rays of the sun. Continue reading

Fiction 1

Below is a fictional piece, and it’s the product of thirty minutes of writing, and revising.
Estimated read time: 4 minutes.

Part I
People don’t make the best decisions while they’re drunk. As I down another shot my vision dims temporarily before sharpening once more. Thank goodness for livers. The fine gentleman across from me does the same, granted, with much more reluctance. Continue reading

Antibiotic Resistance

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Far too many believe the antibiotic is the panacea or cure-all for all their illnesses. This misconception among others must be put to rest immediately. Antibiotics, for the uninitiated, are drugs made for treating bacterial infections (Strep throat, for example, would be treated with an antibiotic). They would not be used to treat the common cold or flu because those illnesses are caused by viruses. Continue reading