Smokey Bear’s Conundrum: Should We Let Forest Fires Burn?

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Fire is dichotomous in nature. It can not only be employed by nature to devasting effect by incinerating anything in its path, but it can also be utilized to provide warmth and safety among other things.

The prevalent belief in popular opinion regarding wildfires is to extinguish them as soon as possible. It seems painfully obvious to many; fire must be suppressed. In terms of putting out fires, we’ve done quite a good job statistically speaking. In the U.S., 98 percent of these fires are suppressed early. This is before those fires reach 300 acres. What’s the problem then? The measly-sounding two percent that isn’t successfully contained accounts for around 97 percent of firefighting costs and area burned. Continue reading


Day in the Life II: ORIENTATION

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Wow. How do you Zot?

I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time. Continue reading

Day in the Life: NJ to CA, a journey

This is going to be a little update on what’s going on and what I’ve been thinking about everything so far.

The weather is nearly always sunny and I love walking around and taking in the new scenery. Thank goodness for sunscreen. Palm trees are everywhere and I’ve heard the locals are also quite amiable (Southern Californian hospitality?). Coming from northern NJ, it’s a bit weird not seeing the New York City skyline or the multitude of buildings that tower over everything. New Jersey has the highest population density in the nation which doesn’t surprise me after seeing how seemingly spacious it feels in Southern California. There’s so much open land with a lot Continue reading

“Clatratus” or The Clathrate Gun Hypothesis: Methane “Burping” is Cause for Concern

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“You don’t have to do this.” I pleaded him. We stood on the marked bullseye, him on the red ring, me on the white. “Please, we’ve had each other’s backs for years.” He smirked and reached for the gun holstered to his belt. It was unusual, to say the least. I presumed it was deadlier than an automated weapon. He pointed it at me. I froze. Twenty feet away from the barrel of his gun. Continue reading


I don't use blankets
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Every night when I’m finished dealing with the stresses of the day, I retire to my room and sit on my bed and read a book. After 12 minutes of reading, it’s lights out. I begin counting the seconds whilst staring at the ceiling. Soon enough, my eyelids slowly descend to cover my pupils and ship me into my world of dreams. That’s how my days end now. The highest number I’ve ever gotten to is eight hundred forty-five. That’s about the fourteen minutes, I’d say. Fourteen minutes to my dreamland.

My bed has no blankets. It’s a queen sized bed. It could be absolute zero for all I care and you still wouldn’t find me tucked in all cozy with “my blankie” or comforter. But what about the monsters at night? What about the things that lurk in the dark, waiting to ambush me? What about the creaking of the floorboards or the barely noticeable sounds that echo through the rooms? I’ll take my chances. Continue reading

Solar Storm

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“Didn’t you hear me the first time, sir?”
“Sorry, let me rephrase. WHAT?” Continue reading