Day in the Life II: ORIENTATION

Estimated Reading time: <30 seconds.

Wow. How do you Zot?

I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time. I learned how to correctly make the sign of the anteater (zot zot). I kept making the sign for a llama, not the anteater. Awkward.

If you didn’t know, this is what it should look like. It made me feel better to see President Obama making the same mistake after his 2014 commencement speech, before being corrected. Don’t worry if you did it wrong, you’re not the only one.

At my SPOP session, there were a lot of people, a lot of names, and a lot of “What’s your major?” I loved walking around campus and taking in everything. It’s great to talk to everyone about their aspirations, motivations, and interests. I seriously hope I don’t call someone by the wrong name, though.

I haven’t met another Eashan on campus so there’s that.
I’m working on another science post for Wednesday. It’s more of a slow “burn” but it’s pretty interesting.



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