Day in the Life III: In-N-Out and Transport

Quick update about food and travel.
1 minute read.

I finally got In-N-Out, but I still haven’t written about it. Hence, that’s where I’ll start.

Apparently, going to In-N-Out is a must when visiting the West Coast. There’s plenty to do and see in California, but one thing is pretty much universally acclaimed here: In-N-Out. I’ve heard of the menu hacks, and the secret menu, and the not-so-secret menu.
The first time I went I ordered ‘animal style’ fries, just to test the waters.
Verdict: It was pretty good. 10/10 would eat again sometime. However, I have got to try the Wish burger next time.

Since Irvine is a planned community, there’s a lot of restaurants and stores in complexes. It’s also a bike-friendly place as there are lanes set separately for them throughout the county. A lot of new restaurants and chains are opening up shop in the complexes.

In terms of getting around, with a car, it’s so easy to get from place to place. Roads are significantly wider, and there’re so many opportunities to make u-turns on the road. It also feels like the traffic lights take much longer.

With a bike, you can get anywhere fairly quickly. I’ve also seen way more people skateboarding around, so that’s new. That’s pretty much what I have right now. I’m sure there’s going to be a lot more to say when college starts.


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