Part IV: Week 0 and Freshman 15

In this update, I'm going to talk about some of my Week 0 experiences.
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First thing I want to get off my chest. How the heck is freshman fifteen a thing? It feels as if I’ve walked a million miles on campus just moving from event to event. It’s like going through a mini-workout just to get from class to class. If anything, I think I’ve lost some weight since I’ve gotten here! However, I don’t mind partly because I get to go through Aldrich park. It’s very pleasant and it alleviates some of the stress of trying to get to my next lecture.

Alright, on to the main topic. Week 0 was extremely exciting. There were so many events to attend and much to discover. Convocation was great, as all of the undergrads/transfers filled up the Bren Events Center with both pride and spirit. By the time it got to the point where we were separated by our schools, it was funny to see just how large the undergraduate population in the school of Biological Sciences was. We also got shirts dedicated to our school which were pretty sweet.

Late Night at the ARC (Anteater Recreation Center) had all sorts of activities going on. There were people running, people working out, people in the pool, people rowing, and people learning how to dance. That barely covers all of the activities at the ARC. You could get kettle corn by the pool, hit some golf balls into patches of green floating in the pool, or even play Jenga. There were competitions for Volleyball and Ping Pong. In the main gym, there were several demos occurring ranging from Iaido to Fencing and slacklining. There were many opportunities to get an “ARC Late Night” shirt.

The next day, the Newkirk Alumni center started giving undergraduates sweatshirts to pickup. After you got your sweatshirt complimentary of the alumni, you could go and sign the big anteater. I went back later and was quite surprised by swamped the anteater was. I’m pretty sure every square inch of it was covered in sharpie. If you ever see the anteater, look closely at the ‘a’ in ‘class’ for my name (LOL).

All these engaging activities require energy (ATP!). Fortunately, there are several great venues to eat. These include In-N-Out, Blaze’s Pizza, Chipotle, Chick-fil-A among others. Apparently, there’s a new Starbucks about to be established close to the school of Biological Sciences, and the news was met with great enthusiasm. I, personally, don’t really drink coffee, but it nevertheless provides another great study spot on campus.

The Anteater Involvement fair was pretty cool too. There is an insanely large amount of organizations on campus. It was fun walking from tent to tent, section to section of the park to get familiar with the organizations on campus as well as available resources. I got so many pens and water bottles etc., I think I’m indirectly getting back my college tuition.

The World Record Attempt for four quadrant dodgeball was crazy. We were sorted into four teams: Blue, White, Gray, and Yellow (blue team is the best). After we got set up and took some pictures, we got assembled into our quadrants. After a countdown, it became a frenzy. Foam dodgeballs were flying left and right. Occasionally, one or two would rip its way into the unsuspecting mass of people clumped together, catching them off guard. Intense as it was, it started to lightly rain midgame, making it slightly more difficult to throw. As the numbers dwindled, a ceasefire was called. This gave the teams an opportunity to regroup and stockpile the remaining dodgeballs strewn across the field. After two breaks, it came down to the final test. The game had taken about an hour, and so eight players were selected from each team to fight it out in the inner circle on the field. Yellow was the first to fall. White, Gray, and Blue kept fighting until the last of Blue fell. Gray mounted an offensive on Wh1ite, who had been left with its final player, and soon enough, the Gray team was the only team left standing. The event was capped off with an exhilarating performance by Kaba Modern.

I also had the pleasure of attending the Anteater Skills Challenge. It featured a variety of activities such as free throws, soccer shot, pitch speed, the 40-yard dash among other things.

The eSports arena also had its grand opening recently. It was a moment of excitement for many gamers around campus. Along the student center terrace were a variety of stations relating to various new systems/associations. There was even a setup for a Virtual Reality experience.

Overall, week 0 was a very eventful one with tons of activities and events occurring. I’m excited for the week ahead of me.

Week 1, I’m coming for ya.
Zot! Zot!


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