The Placebo Effect: How Far Can It Go?

Originally published here.

What is a placebo? It’s a control substance that isn’t supposed to affect the person treated in any way [1]. When researchers try to determine if a new drug is effective, they give some subjects the actual drug and the others a ‘fake’ treatment — the placebo treatment. Continue reading


New Year’s Resolution Part 1

hahaha this needs a second part...

After an eventful 2016, I decided to do something drastic for my New Year’s resolution. As the year came to a close, I realized that I’d been spending a lot of time on my electronic devices, be it my laptop, phone, or even the TV. Knowing that winter quarter would need more attention from my end, I decided to delete all social media applications and mobile games off my phone. Yes, all of them. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Continue reading

The Future of Virtual Reality Films

Originally published in The New U.

It’s official. Among the many Oscar nominees for Best Animated Short Film sits “Pearl,” the first virtual reality (VR) film to do so. Running just under six minutes, the film plants the viewer in the passenger seat of a car capturing a single father and his daughter’s life events. The film can be viewed on YouTube as a VR video enabling viewers to click and drag to pivot around the environment. It’s an immersive experience and certainly begs the question — what is the future of VR in media? Continue reading

Day in the Life V: Fall Quarter Conclusion

Throwback to right after Fall Quarter ended haha

It was such a relief to get finals over with. I would’ve been done sooner but the way it worked out I had back-to-back finals on the weekend. Then, I had to spend another 6 days dreading my final ‘final’. I’m definitely exaggerating because I found the exams within the scope of what I’d crammed the days (and night) before. Nonetheless, given it was a novel experience, I didn’t know what to expect. Continue reading