Day in the Life V: Fall Quarter Conclusion

Throwback to right after Fall Quarter ended haha

It was such a relief to get finals over with. I would’ve been done sooner but the way it worked out I had back-to-back finals on the weekend. Then, I had to spend another 6 days dreading my final ‘final’. I’m definitely exaggerating because I found the exams within the scope of what I’d crammed the days (and night) before. Nonetheless, given it was a novel experience, I didn’t know what to expect.

It was great to get finals over with and all, but I walked out of each exam feeling I’d either done really well or really poorly. It didn’t help that I was waiting for scores a whole week after I’d taken them. It’s times like this where I wish grading was an instantaneous process.

Another thing that was pretty stressful was scheduling for Winter quarter. A lot of classes were filling up fast and I realized it was pointless to even try and plan out my schedule until the day before my enrollment window opened. After my window opened I worked with swift efficiency, copying and pasting course codes into web reg. Luckily, I was able to create a schedule I was happy with. I was slightly upset when all the Writing 39B classes got filled up, but when I logged on a few days later I saw there was a single space available. My hands were on fire because of how quickly I typed in the course code.

All in all, the holiday season was pretty interesting because at first, it certainly didn’t feel like it. The weather was constantly testing the mid-60s and low 70s. Occasionally, it would be windy and hit 50s (closer to the evening). As a result, I’d get treated to Snapchat stories of Californian natives complaining about how cold it was. The closest thing to snow was the rain. It’s really pleasant to hear. While the northeast got blessed with snow, I was content with the rain-drenched streets. Amusing really.


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